The Piarist Scholasticate in Yaoundé had a six-days Up To You formation program with Father Jose Victor Sch.P, as resource person, from Wednesday 31st August to 6th September 2022. Up To You is a formative platform for the study of pscho-social and pscho-emotional education leading to personal growth and skills in interpersonal relationships. Plaque with fundamental humanitarian and educational questions like the question of interiority, the question of corporal punishment in schools, the questions on motivation and the question of trust, the Up To You program coordinated by Father J. Victor Sch.P, has introduced novelty into the lives of the participants through Eucharistic Celebrations, and the use of inspiring conferences, brainstorming workshops and the use of Up To You Tools.

The Piarist community of Bienheureux Martys Piarist de Yaoundé render immense thanks to God for the Piarist vocation of Father José Victor Sch. P  for this magnificent program of UP-TO-YOU.

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